CPU utilisation viewing : with Python

I was curious to know the amount of CPU that is being used to perform tasks on my ubuntu system. I wanted to know if all my cores in the chip were being utilised and if they were  working correctly. A little research led me to the discovery of  CONKY.  A tool that helps the user to monitor/view the utilisation of various system resources. I also found the CONKY MANAGER that allowed users to view the details in a cool graphical way.


Details of installing conky can be found here.
Details of installing conky manager can be found here.

So once Conky and the manager is added the widget/gadget may look somthing like this…


But I wanted only some of the details not all of them and not always.So I decided to write a python script to get the CPU utilisation in terms of percentage  on the whole as well as get the percentage corewise. That is if I have 4 cores then utilisation of each has to be displayed separately.

So on searching I found some useful packages and I wrote a script using them and it led me to get the exact details that I wanted.
The code can be found in my github account – here.
So this program identifies the number of cores in a system and extracts the details and prints it out onto the terminal in an organised way.

The packages i used for extracting the details and formatting the output are—
1)  PSUTIL – the functions of this module helped me to extrcat the average percentage of CPU being used and also the per core details.

2) CURSES- This module helped me to print the details in the same place on the terminal. So that the output looked neat and organised. This is used when there are 8 cores to be shown and
they are divided accross multiple line. If only there was a single line to be printed over and over again at the same place on the terminal, I was able to use the carraige
return sequence “\r” .
I have also used sys and time modules for formatting purposes.