My Story :How Microsoft has impacted my life and as a MSA, how I plan to make a difference.

Hello, I am Akshay Pai, from BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore, and this is my story, on how Microsoft has impacted my life and how as a MSA I plan to bring about a change to the society.

Any software taken today has a lot of alternatives. A user or a developer gets to pick from various options. But, Microsoft has most of the time been the first one to develop and release powerful tools and services in the market. This being told, I can say that I have been impacted by Microsoft in two ways.

Firstly, as a casual user or a non professional.  I remember using Windows as a kid. Without me knowing, Microsoft was running in the background helping me bring out my artistic skills, startling me with the possibilities of computer and computing and igniting the love for technology that has grown into my life’s passion. Without any prior training , I was able to use the OS for my routine tasks like, editing documents, browsing the web, listening to music or playing games or using Paint. The tools like MS Office, Windows media player, Internet explorer was there to serve me and I was immensely benefited by it.. But this was just the beginning, and it is for a lot of my generation.

Secondly, the more important way I have been impacted is, as a developer. The whole Microsoft developer’s framework has been a boon to me. It is powerful, and at times when the use of those tools would diminish, Microsoft would come back with much better ones. I remember the early days of developing GUI software with Visual Basics, or one of the first HTML editor, the MS Front Page for creating and administrating websites. Then, the Microsoft SQL server database was provided for data applications. Also, at times when I was using trivial IDEs for programming, my scope was restricted due to very limited capabilities and that lead to unproductive work and that was when I got Visual Studio, to create and maintain projects and work in a more efficient manner.

I have been blogging since a year now and Bing Webmaster has been there with me everyday to quench my thirst for data and statistics of my blog.It provides me with very useful data and it helps me by showing  my mistakes or  what I have done right and I act accordingly to make my blog a much search friendly weblog. Be it just the basic stats and view count or the advanced stats like the crawl error and percentage wise comparison of views or allowing me to create efficient site maps, its all at one place.

So yes, Microsoft has impacted my life as a casual end user and also as a developer. And I am glad about it.
“Let’s share, care and grow together!”  This is something I have always believed in from a young age.

IMG-20140303-WA0017                           A snap of presentation that I gave, on pattern printing.



 organizers at the college tech fest

My plan as a MSA would involve the following key aspects:

Being a professional course, our syllabus does not, in any which way have topics or subjects related to mobile technology and could services/computing. Due to this, students aren’t industry ready.
So my main vision statement as a MSA would be: “Making sure that my peer group will be ready for mobile first, cloud first scenario”.

Microsoft has come out with the new Windows 8.1 OS for Mobile phones. These phones have a great amount of untapped market potential and students have the ability to create and develop applications for it and not only use it as a platform to expose their talent to the whole world but also tap the potential to their benefit. I want to take this as a platform to illustrate to my peer group that Microsoft is one of the few companies to have interoperability of software on various devices. That is, the Windows 8.1 is the same that runs on a phone or a tablet or a PC with minimal changes. So an app developed on one Microsoft device say tablet and can be run on other Microsoft device like Phones, touch PCs etc.

To make this happen, I would like to organise talks and bootcamps, which would be a jumpstart to a journey of developing windows 8.1 apps. Being a student, it’s an expensive affair to buy software required for development.  But Microsoft has given me tools like windows 8.1 enterprise Preview, Visual studio 2012 Express edition to learn and develop and test windows 8.1 apps for phones, tablets, and PCs alike and an account to host apps on windows store, and all these for free of cost and I believe that these things has to be taken to the students of my college so that they can do the same amazing things as well. I would also like to bring out the amazing resources present in the Microsoft Virtual Academy, and live stream when possible, the webinars that are held so that could help many of them to start with something simple and get advanced on it.

I have been immensely benefited by these tools and had lot of fun building a Windows 8.1 app. The app that I was a part of is Ratzap. It was lot of fun coming up with the idea, building a plot an UI and got lots to learn from it.
The world as of now is switching to more portable devices: mobiles, tablets are replacing laptops and the tool that will service all the needs of the user will be the cloud services. So as a MSA, I want to bring out the necessities of keeping up to date with the powerful cloud services that Microsoft provides like the MS office online, office touch for mobile devices and all the user data on multiple devices synced to the One drive.
Considering that, these days, even businesses and software/app development are being taken in the cloud, I would like to bring out the platform like SQL server database that helps many companies manage their data, so that students can get good experience on handling big data. And most importantly, showcase the elegant cloud platform, the “Microsoft Azure”. Bring it to the notice of the budding developers and entrepreneurs, as to how no matter what Operating system they like (be it Windows, Mac or Linux) or the platform they prefer (android with java, or python web development), they can develop, host apps or business on Azure. I look forward to spread Microsoft’s message with Azure which is to “Experience the best infrastructure, save on costs, integrate on data and build anything by using what you already know!”

We at BNMIT have capacities to come up with such out of the box ideas and being a MSA, I am looking forward to include my college into the Microsoft ecosystem and I am positive that I can take these messages to every student so that everyone at least gets to try and make a difference.

Thank you for taking your time and hearing me out. 🙂