Rista Mobility – A Promising Tech Startup Helping Retail Stores of India Go Mobile.

Today, for any consumer-oriented business to succeed requires a mobile-friendly retail
presence. Richard Lowe, the managing director and head of retail and wholesale at
Barclays, acknowledged that many retailers continued to be wary of mobile but argued
that they needed to embrace it. He said, “With almost three quarters of consumers
using their mobile devices whilst out and about, ignoring this trend would be a missed
opportunity. Retailers must cater for the mobile consumer in order to remain relevant.”
Mobile commerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail sector and 70% of the
shoppers prefer to use their smartphones for shopping online.


Rista Mobility is a mobile technology company that has fully embraced the mobile
concept in retail and is delivering the most advanced mobile solutions to global retailers
at a very affordable price. Rista has ambitious vision of bridging the gap between online
and physical retail channels, and enabling retail businesses to have omni-channel
presence. Rista Mobility offers a global retail sales platform designed based on mobilefirst
approach and runs entirely on mobile phones and tablets. Company offers Rista
Sales, which is a highly customizable mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution that could be
used by any types of business, including retail product stores, and service businesses
such as restaurants, cafes, salons and florists. It is the only high-performance and multistore
management POS software on Android. Rista Sales serves as the central point of
control for retail businesses to manage everything including sales transactions,
inventory, analytics, and consumer engagement. Rista Sales also connects businesses
with their customers through a free consumer app -Rista Market app. A business can
share orders, sales receipts and product catalog built on Rista Sales with consumers
through this app. This offers huge opportunity to retail businesses to build customer
loyalty, engage customers in the sales process, run sales with digital receipts, share live
orders with customers and soon create targeted marketing campaigns and run loyalty

Rista Mobility has another amazing product Rista Market, a global retail marketplace
that runs entirely on mobile devices. Rista Market connects retail businesses to their
customers, help them grow their sales and build loyal customer base. The businesses
including retail stores and restaurants can use Rista Sales app on subscription basis to
maintain catalog, perform sales transactions in-store and receive orders from Rista
Market. The consumers or buyers use a free Rista Market app to browse catalogs and
place orders. The orders created on Rista Market are made available to businesses in
real-time and with the option to edit in consultation with the customer or accept the
orders before processing it. Moreover, the orders received for delivery will come with a
GPS location of the delivery address. Unlike traditional marketplaces that charge high
sales commission and controls the product listings, Rista Market offers an interesting
model with no middle-man and a pure technology platform for retail businesses to grow
their sales and engage customers.

This kind of advanced solutions have been considered just for the large retail
organizations so far but Rista has made it possible for even a small mom and pop store
to deploy such sophistication in their sales and consumer interactions. Rista Market is
perfect for retail products and services businesses, food ordering and catering services,
and for distributors and wholesalers. Rista Market will empower the brick-and-mortar
retail businesses with latest mobile technology to engage consumers and to succeed in
the current omni-channel retail environment.


You can learn more about the company and its solutions  from our website ristaapps.com. The
company has its offices in the USA for North America and European markets, and in
India to serve the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. It plans to grow rapidly by
getting a large number of businesses and consumers on its sales platform.

You can download free apps for android phones from the play store from here and here.

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