Online Reputation Management Tips

With the technological development that has taken place, many businesses have adopted online marketing strategies. This means that the business has to build a proper online reputation in order to attract more customers. Online reputation is very important for your business to perform effectively and get more profits.

Lack of proper online reputation may be a problem to your business and you may end up not achieving the desired results. You do not have to give if your business has negative reputation or does not appear in the search engines. There are some important online reputation management ideas that you can adopt and take your business to greater heights.

These strategies are very important in ensuring that your business search results grow and it becomes more visible online. The best online reputation management tips include the following:

Claim Your Brand Name

Your brand name is very important and the first thing that you should do in order to manage online reputation is claiming the brand name. It does not matter whether your brand name is your name, product name or the name of the business. Make sure that nobody has the control of misinterpreting your business name online.

Monitor Your Brand Name

Once you have claimed your brand name, it is very important to monitor your brand name online. You should monitor search results, tweets, blog posts and status updates just to mention a few. If this can be time consuming for your business, there are tools that you can use to effectively monitor your brand.

You Need To Be Social

In order to have a good reputation, claim the social media profiles of your brand and ensure that they are well updated. Some of the important social media platforms that you may consider using include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn among others.


This is another important way of getting your brand visible online. You can buy a domain and include the name of the brand, industry trends and products among many other important things. Positive information concerning your brand is important since it attracts more traffic hence building your online reputation.

Make Some Investments

Development of a good online reputation requires the investment of money and time. You can either do it yourself or hire a person to do the job for you.

In case damage has already been done, Repair Your Brand Name

Maintaining a spotless brand name online can be challenging for your business especially if your business had experienced ups and downs in the past. It is possible to repair your brand name and gain a good online reputation.


You will experience some bad reviews and the approach you take greatly matters. It is very important to listen since there might be weaknesses with your processes. Listening to the customers and providing them with what satisfies them.

It is very important for the business to have a good online reputation since this will make your company very successful. Following the above tips will be of great significance to your business and it will save you more resources in the long run. Whether you own a small or large company, online reputation is very important since customers will always trust a business that has a good reputation. Try out the above mentioned online reputation management tips for amazing results.


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Rista Mobility – A Promising Tech Startup Helping Retail Stores of India Go Mobile.

Today, for any consumer-oriented business to succeed requires a mobile-friendly retail
presence. Richard Lowe, the managing director and head of retail and wholesale at
Barclays, acknowledged that many retailers continued to be wary of mobile but argued
that they needed to embrace it. He said, “With almost three quarters of consumers
using their mobile devices whilst out and about, ignoring this trend would be a missed
opportunity. Retailers must cater for the mobile consumer in order to remain relevant.”
Mobile commerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail sector and 70% of the
shoppers prefer to use their smartphones for shopping online.


Rista Mobility is a mobile technology company that has fully embraced the mobile
concept in retail and is delivering the most advanced mobile solutions to global retailers
at a very affordable price. Rista has ambitious vision of bridging the gap between online
and physical retail channels, and enabling retail businesses to have omni-channel
presence. Rista Mobility offers a global retail sales platform designed based on mobilefirst
approach and runs entirely on mobile phones and tablets. Company offers Rista
Sales, which is a highly customizable mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution that could be
used by any types of business, including retail product stores, and service businesses
such as restaurants, cafes, salons and florists. It is the only high-performance and multistore
management POS software on Android. Rista Sales serves as the central point of
control for retail businesses to manage everything including sales transactions,
inventory, analytics, and consumer engagement. Rista Sales also connects businesses
with their customers through a free consumer app -Rista Market app. A business can
share orders, sales receipts and product catalog built on Rista Sales with consumers
through this app. This offers huge opportunity to retail businesses to build customer
loyalty, engage customers in the sales process, run sales with digital receipts, share live
orders with customers and soon create targeted marketing campaigns and run loyalty

Rista Mobility has another amazing product Rista Market, a global retail marketplace
that runs entirely on mobile devices. Rista Market connects retail businesses to their
customers, help them grow their sales and build loyal customer base. The businesses
including retail stores and restaurants can use Rista Sales app on subscription basis to
maintain catalog, perform sales transactions in-store and receive orders from Rista
Market. The consumers or buyers use a free Rista Market app to browse catalogs and
place orders. The orders created on Rista Market are made available to businesses in
real-time and with the option to edit in consultation with the customer or accept the
orders before processing it. Moreover, the orders received for delivery will come with a
GPS location of the delivery address. Unlike traditional marketplaces that charge high
sales commission and controls the product listings, Rista Market offers an interesting
model with no middle-man and a pure technology platform for retail businesses to grow
their sales and engage customers.

This kind of advanced solutions have been considered just for the large retail
organizations so far but Rista has made it possible for even a small mom and pop store
to deploy such sophistication in their sales and consumer interactions. Rista Market is
perfect for retail products and services businesses, food ordering and catering services,
and for distributors and wholesalers. Rista Market will empower the brick-and-mortar
retail businesses with latest mobile technology to engage consumers and to succeed in
the current omni-channel retail environment.


You can learn more about the company and its solutions  from our website The
company has its offices in the USA for North America and European markets, and in
India to serve the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. It plans to grow rapidly by
getting a large number of businesses and consumers on its sales platform.

You can download free apps for android phones from the play store from here and here.

More amazing startups can be discovered by browsing about them in the right kind of websites that provides a list of startups in and around your area.

Why you should try guest blogging and guest posting

As a blogger, one of the main aims would be to become better at it and grow each day. Growth  and success of bloggers depends on their own beliefs and objectives. Growth can be increased viewership or followers or it can be increased revenue from the blog or a recognition for a unique form of writing. Irrespective of  the variations in the meaning of growth, there are certain ways in which it can be achieved. And that is through  Guest Posting and Guest  Blogging. This article is not about how to guest post or guest blog. It is only to convey the benefits of making use of  opportunities to progress as a blogger.

Guest blogging is where you as a blogger, write  a blog post for other renowned blogs.  This is an advantage for any blogger whether an amateur or someone blogging since years. Guest blogging provides a window  for a new set of readers to have a glance at your work. It allows you to spread your writing, possibly to a new group of people to whom you couldn’t reach. so if you are an amateur blogger, guest post where ever possibilities, not only does it give experience in writing and  tips to edit posts but also get a wider recognition.If you are an experienced blogger then with many topics you can guest blog and get paid for it.

Guest posting is restricted to people with a good blog which is regularly updated. It also needs to have a good number of viewership. With a blog like that, you can accept posts from other bloggers and post it on your blog. This too has many advantages. Your viewership increases wen the person who guest posts shares this news on his social media. Though there are blogs who pay for guest posting, you can also get paid. So, both way works. But for you to be paid by someone to publish their article on your blog,  your blog must be very well known.

So, why not give this a try? It is more like  a network of bloggers looking out for each others, growing together and sharing the experiences.  At the least, what you would get would be to get to know a new fellow blogger.

I would like to share a few of my personal experiences  for this topic. I intialy started this blog and only after a year of regular blogging i started to guest blog for international tech blogs and websites. I wrote technical articles to websites like TheNewStack. I wrote Linux tutorials to website like Howtoforge. I got a lot of experience  from writing those posts. It showed me how i can become better at it.  After two years of blogging, I guest posted articles on my blog. It was mainly about internet security and e-commerce.  Though t might seem a little hard to find blogs related to your niche, keep looking and the ones that is suited for you will emerge one at a time.

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Phone Review #2: Samsung Galaxy S6: High Performance Android Phone With Lollipop

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 is loaded with top of the shelf features and some of the best specifications in the market. Though the S6 is similar to its predecessor in terms of screen size, it has been significantly improved in almost all the areas. Right from screen resolution to the secondary camera, it has been improved. However, the battery capacity has been reduced but without any significant loss of usage time. With amazing features, Samsung has made the S6 attractive to the high-end smartphone market.

Features and Specifications

Weighing just 138 grams, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a high-resolution Quad HD, 5.1 inch display. It has a high pixel density of 557 pixels per inch. This resolution easily beats its competitors like the Sony Xperia Z3 or theiPhone 6. The S6 sports a powerful 8 core, 64 bit processor with a clocking capacity of 2.1 GHz. It is capable of multitasking and running high performance games without a glitch.  It also comes with 3 GB of RAM and a fixed internal storage of 64 GB.  It contains a multitude of sensors with some new ones like the Heart rate monitor. It is a single SIM android phone running the latest Android Lollipop OS. It holds a 16 Megapixel primary camera, capable of capturing fast and high clarity pictures in any light environment. It also comes with an upgraded 5MP secondary camera for selfies and video conferencing. Finally, this phone includes a 2550 mAh battery but is lesser than its predecessor’s 2800 mAh battery. This leads to few questions as to how better this may perform or would be a compromise of some sort.

Design and Quality

Samsung is known for its state of the art design and build quality and it can be seen in this phone as well.  It comes with four different colour variants of Black, Blue, White and Gold. The S6 has an aluminium body and Gorilla Glass 4 on its display. It is rounded on the top but much flatter at the bottom. At the bottom of the screen is the Home button in the centre with fingerprint scanner. 2 capacitive keys on its either side for calling and navigating back. The left side of the device houses separate volume up and down button. The right side holds the Nano-SIM slot along with the power button. The audio jack and micro USB charging point is located at the bottom side of the phone. This phone is comparatively easier to hold than compared to the bulkierGalaxy S5.

OS and Tech

This phone runs the latest Android OS, the Lollipop. This OS brings with it the material design to the phone. This provides a fluid and comfortable usage with a veryuser friendly multitasking window. Lollipop is designed to make more use of bighigh resolution displays and thus fits perfectly within the S6. It is also highly customizable, thus making sure that the phone user can change the settings to his or her liking.Samsung has also added a few features of its own like gesture control to make the usage of the phone simpler.

Camera and Multimedia

The high resolution camera will not disappoint the user in any type of condition and will continue to take great quality pictures. This phone can capture real time HDR images which can produce very crisp images. The secondary front camera also is great for taking high quality selfies and video chatting. The user of this phone can get a rich and a very high quality multimedia experience. This is mainly because of the 2560 X 1440 pixels display, which is just perfect for watching HD Videos or playing graphic intensive games.

Battery and Memory

Battery on the S6 is not that great. It is a non-removable battery and it doesn’t stay long. On a moderate usage, it is expected to give around 6 to 7 hours of backup. In the competitive world of smartphones, 7 hours of up time seems to be less. This model comes in 3 variants of memory that is: 32, 64 and 128 GB. It also houses a 3GB RAM which makes the phone suitable for high performance usage and multitasking.

Pros and cons

For Pros:

•             Metallic design for rich look and feel

•             Very powerful processors

•             Excellent high resolution display

•             High camera quality

•             Latest Android OS

For cons:

•             Not satisfactory battery life

•             No expandable storage

•             Not weather proof


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a strong competitor to phones like Apple iPhone 6, HTC One M8 or the Sony’s flagship phone the Z series.  The improvements made from the Galaxy S5 are significant and is easily visible. High performance processors, High quality display and variety of other quality features place the S6 among the top desirable phones in the market. However, the not so good battery performance might be a cause for some potential customers to opt for another phone. User reviews on the e-commerce websites are mixed with majority of them providing high rating to this phone.

For full details of specs and price reviews head over  here.
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Phone Review #1 : Lava Iris Icon: A mid-range powerhouse camera phone

Lava aims to bring top smartphone experiences to the masses. It brings out low and mid-range smart phone packed with a lot of features. The Iris icon is no less.  It comes with amazing specifications when compared to the price. It houses an excellent camera, which seems to be of main focus. Running the Android KitKat OS and a high-resolution display this sure looks to win the hearts of the many. The previous experiences in selling mid-range phones have given LAVA the correct measure to price this phone and with that price, it is sure to last an impression among the mid-range phone buyers.

Features and Specifications

The Iris is a dual SIM smartphone with both SIMs having GSM support. It houses powerful 1.3 GHz Quad core processors. This brings about a pleasant experience in high-performance usage. The performance is also backed by the 2GB RAM which will help making multi-tasking and gaming a breeze. The Iris has an impressive 5-inch capacitive touch Display. This HD screen gives the user a vivid video watching experience. However the glass on the display is not of the stronger type, making it vulnerable to easy damage. The primary camera is the spotlight of this phone. It is a 13 Megapixel camera with LED flash. It capability to take High definition images increases its credibility significantly. It also has a 5MP secondary camera for taking selfies or for video chatting. The internal storage is 16 GB and provides support for external memory up to 32 GB. The Iris Icon houses a 2500 mAh battery providing a decent Standby time approximately 9 hours. It also provides a talk time of 20 hours approximately.

Design and quality

The Icon is a stylish 7.7 mm thick phone with high-end features. It has a metallic look and is mostly rectangular in shape. Its corners are rounded. Both the volume button and the power button are located near the centre of the right side frame. This phone has no hard buttons but 3 capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen. These 3 buttons form the options, home and back buttons.  A single speaker is present at the back of the phone. The back side holds the Primary camera with dual flash.  The Iris Icon comes with a new LAVA logo at the bottom of the back side. The black finish of the phone provides the phone a great look.

OS and Tech

This phone runs the Android KitKat OS. This isn’t an old OS so it works very well with the high-end specifications and features. The KitKat is designed to support multitasking and handle processor intensive apps very well. Lava has also added a few of their own gesture control to the OS. These gestures involve creating a custom drawing to activate some of its features. It also allows the user to create a few gestures of their own to launch apps of their choice.  This phone aims to provide a lag free usage to its users.

Camera and Multimedia

The camera is the most attractive feature of this phone. It comes with a 13 MP primary camera. This is capable of capturing images with great detail. It also comes with an LED flash to help the users during low light conditions. Beautiful landscape pictures can be taken using the HDR and panorama modes. However the camera sensors are known to perform poorly in low light conditions and they tend to produce grains and sometimes noise in the images. The Icon also has a decent 5 MP front camera. This can be used for taking good quality selfies or for video chatting. The HD display gives the user a good experience in multimedia. This IPS display is capable of producing 294 pixels per inch that generates great quality videos and images.

Battery and Memory

The battery enclosed in it is a 2500 mAh battery. This is claimed to make the Icon a perfect phone to carry on the go as it provides long battery life. The Icon claims to deliver a talk time of around 9 hours with the use of 3G.  While compared to phones in the similar range such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G or the Huawei Honor 4X which have batteries over 3000 mAh, the Icon seems to have lesser capability. The Icon also comes with an internal memory of 16 GB which is quite a lot and it also supports external memory up to 32 GB. It also has a 2GB RAM for handling multi tasking and other applications seamlessly.

Pros and cons

For pros:

  • High-quality primary camera for bright ambient light
  • High-performance quad core processors
  • Stylish designed
  • Dual SIM support
  • External memory support

For cons:

  • An average performance of camera in low-light
  • Not a very long lasting battery
  • OS is not the latest


The Lava Iris Icon is a very good phone in the mid-price range series. It gives a tough competition to other phones like Huawei Honor 4X, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and also the Moto G 2nd gen. The powerful processors, a good display and decent camera make it a suitable choice for many users. The battery might be a downfall for users who use the phone for intensive gaming or processor intensive apps. Users of this phone seem to be attracted by its stylish design.

For full details of specs and price reviews head over  here.

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What you need to know about Ripple

In the past few years, a new type of digital currency has appeared, one that has managed to take the world by storm thanks to its interesting set of features and benefits that it provides. Named Ripple, this is a great open source payment system and digital currency which was created with the sole purpose of providing a wonderful way to perform payments without being controlled by a financial institution and being subject to fees.

Why was Ripple created?

The network was created with the main purpose of having a way to move money freely, without having to pay any fees or things like that. Ripple strives to create a method to decentralized digital currencies and provide a professional approach towards digital economy.

How does it function?

Unlike other payment systems that were designed to create a loyal customer base and use it in the best possible way, Ripple was designed with other things in mind. The idea behind it was to create a decentralized method of sharing money freely between multiple payment systems, and this is something you are going to appreciate at all costs.

Who created Ripple?

Ripple has been created by the company named OpenCoin. The people behind this company have a lot of experience when it comes to digital currencies and the financial market, which surely makes them the best persons to work on providing a wonderful experience in the world of digital currencies.

Is Ripple exactly like bitcoin?

There are a few differences between the two, but both of them are a digital currency, both of them have a limited number of units that can be mined and used, they can both be transferred freely. The best part about that is they combine together in order to take the digital currency market to the next level, something that was indeed supposed to be expected in the end.

Are the two rivals?

No, instead Ripple can be seen as a way to complete Bitcoin rather than competing with it. Both these networks are growing fast and they need a good, professional way that can be used in order to get the job done fast and with complete efficiency.

Benefits of Ripple for bitcoin users

What makes Ripple better than bitcoin is definitely the fact that it provides expedited transactions and at the same time it comes with an increase in stability that is very good and functional. Not only that, but the system doesn’t have a problem with block confirmations and transaction confirmation appears very fast.

How to Go about Writing a Product Description on an ecommerce Website

“First impression last” is a common phrase that applied especially in making an e-commerce description. These descriptions are essential as it communicates value, capture people’s curiosity and let people switch from their browsing mode in to paying customers quickly. It is not good if you are going to give everything at your product description. However, this do have an important role after all. Making sure that you have included all the essential information will lead you into a successful product selling. Here are the following ways on how you are going to write product description on an ecommerce description.

Have Concentration with your Target Audience

In writing a product description, set your goal within your mind that your target is your first main concern. Having a full understanding about your customers and letting them feel connected/related into your description may lead them to buy your products.

Introduce Features and Benefits

The features and benefits are essential in making a product description. Why? Simply because these are what people’s main concern in buying a product. It totally catches the attention most especially your target audience. Including the features will tell about what could be the possible benefit of your product and the benefits itself makes the feature useful in introducing the product.

Make every words sounds Natural

There are different kinds of people and this only means that among all of your website visitor, those who can read your product description might have his own interpretation. Your description must sound naturally. There should be limitation with your flowering words. Be aware that too much flowering words in your description might just give your customer the doubt in buying your product.

Make it Simple

Having a simple description is enough to get the attention of your potential buyers. Sometimes, the simplicity of every sentences you made defines the whole interesting part in your product. The simpler it is, the more it is very easy to read and understand by the readers.

Show Off a Story

Let your potential buyers create a wide imagination with your description. You must let them put their selves into the idea of their condition in using your product after buying your product. Weaving a good story in your product description is one of the best way of encouraging them.

Make Use of Social Proof

If your visitors are still unsure about the product that they really wanted to purchase, they will surely look for suggestions on what/ which is to buy. They usually trust those reviews with highest number of positive feedback from the recent buyers of the product. It is a good social proof for your customers and there are more social proof which you can use in writing your product description.

The way you write a product description on an ecommerce may allow you to determine not just your skills in writing a product description but also your strategy as one of the best online marketer. Try to apply these basic knowledge in writing an effective product description if you want to succeed in online marketing world.

A vision of Digital India

A connection between two regions can be achieved by constructing a bridge. The two regions might be different worlds on their own, but the bridge provides a path to merge them, to make them one, to provide an opportunity for the people from either of the worlds to explore newer verticals and achieve substantial growth. Well, here in this world of ours which we call “India”, the two regions are the government and the people. Many factors like illiteracy in rural areas, illogical belief systems, ignorance of the urban youth separate the government from most of the people in our country.  This is why we need a bridge called “E-governance” with “technology” acting as the pillars supporting that bridge. Once such a structure is setup successfully, I believe that we can easily achieve the vision of #DigitalIndia .

Generally, people in India are either misinformed or less-informed and either of them is equally dangerous. This is why I feel that we must utilize the willingness of many others, who could help connect the masses and educate them to self-sustain and be fully informed about the government, the services and benefits that they are provided with or those which can be availed.  So, I would like to share my opinions and thoughts on how technology along with people can help in creating a Digital India that can form a leading factor of the country’s growth.

The vision of digital India involves using technology paired with the internet to make people’s work easier with respect to the government services. It would also integrate various systems in the Government, business and customer environments to enhance the quality of information/service provided.

Firstly, I’ll talk about the rural areas that dominate India with villages and small towns. Most of the people here are farmers, masons, etc. where the literacy levels are low. Technology can be very helpful here. Smart phones are taking over the mobile markets and they are available at very low prices, and thus have succeeded in percolating to most of the people in these rural areas. So, a person in their community with some educational background and knowledge about the internet can educate others in the community about the internet and using it for searching and gaining the required information. Organisations such as Intel with their “Digital Skills for India” and Microsoft with their rural development initiatives have come up with solution to various problems like healthcare, business  and financial informative courses in multiple different local languages. But in my opinion, there could be other things added to this. Since using mobile phones requires only reading ability and experience in using it, even people with less or no education will understand how to operate it to get information regarding a particular topic. Following are a few points that I think can be implememted:

  • A universal application can be created that initially requires the people to select their areas of interest followed by their preferred language. Here Universal means that it should be built on an open platform that can support collaboration.
  • Once an open collaborative platform exists, people who know a language can become contributors to make the application available in not just a few languages but cover much more than that. Here technology can be used as a community tool for collaboration.
  • Panchayats can hold mandatory sessions to educate people on the government services provided and how it can be availed. This would require a minimalist approach to design the applications and mobile websites so that only the required information can be delivered easily without much of a hassle. Importance should be given to how the information is presented, because if it is complicated then the people will start rejecting it, irrespective of what information is being provided.

Also, e-governance can be enhanced by combining the various wings of the government. This would mean that we can integrate the various services and secure it in the cloud (for example), so that it can be accessible from anywhere.

Here is an example: If the systems used by agriculture department can be integrated with the education board for farming and also weather prediction board, and  if this integrated system can be enabled as a cloud service, then, in villages, the educated people can be employed for using these services to provide all the required information regarding agriculture, the weather analysis and education to farmers or other community members, all from a single service. It can then be used to analyse how this integrated service is working when compared to individual distributed services and this can form a quantitative measure of growth.

As an example in the urban cities of our country, a cloud service that integrates the development board of the centre and the development board of the state can enable every user to login and find out what the government is spending on and how the governments at these two levels are tied up.

Here are a few ways I feel technology can help e-governance in the urban world to create a digitized ecosystem:

  • Modern schools are shifting to tablets and PCs to inculcate practical based learning. And so, at the education level, the informational wing of e-governance can use technologies such as android applications or standalone software to provide interactive training to students regarding the various fundamentals of our government, right from our constitution to the government setup, or even to the present working scenarios. The interactive way of learning will not only engage students but could help in cultivating an idea growing habit among them. And thus a platform can be created where young minds submit their new ideas and viewpoints which can be analysed to provide key insights into the effect of government on the young minds.
  • Once the integrated systems are in place and are providing a wide variety of information, a forum can be provided for the people where they can login with their accounts and provide inputs on many of the issues, work or services taken up by the government. Thus here again, the analytics and mining technologies can be used to obtain a sentiment analysis of the people regarding an issue and this forms a feedback to the government about what the people feel about that issue or a service and also indirectly gets the people involved in the decision making process.
  • Technology can help people to get involved in government projects. Mobile applications can be used with the e-governance platform providing location based information about ongoing project near to a person. The app can then list out the work that needs to be done and the skillset required by the person to do it. People having the skillset can then volunteer in those projects nearby to them whenever they can. This way, community participation increases and the work can get done faster. Weather it may be cleaning a place, or a river, or spreading information about a new development plan or a project or to educate people on topics that concern them need voluntary participation and thus technology can help in achieving it faster. In this case the e-governance platform acts as a mediator or an information provider.

I think that achieving the vision of Digital India is possible through sustained and combined efforts of the organisations, people and the government. But the more challenging aspect is holding the achievement of being “Digital India”. Since many people tend to get ignorant very soon or think they don’t have time, the efforts put in might not reach its true worth. One way to hold what we would have achieved  is to make sure that technology will be used as a part of e-governance to helps people during their day to day life or probably during their work.

One way this can be realised is by using real time automated support systems to help the people of this country. Let me give a few examples:

  • If a farmer has to purchase fertilisers for his land and if he is unsure as to what to buy, he can use this government service portal (which is a part of e-governance), where the portal provides a set of fertilisers along with the damage it does and the crops it is used for. So here, the farmer can enter the amount of fertiliser that he thinks he needs, and the crop he wants to grow and the size of his farm. One these inputs are given the portal, in real time it should provide the required results . If he then changes one of the input parameters then the changes in results must also be shown instantly.
  • Senior citizens might be confused about the benefits given to them with loans or interest on a bank account. So here again, a real time system can allow them to use this helping service thorough a simple interface to click on what they are looking for and get the results. They can change the parameters to see how the benefits will vary and take an appropriate decision.

These are just some examples of using technology to keep the vision of “Digital India” alive and going.  And some or all of the opinions I have shared above might help to make full utilisation of e-governance.

I consider myself to be a responsible citizen of India and I look forward to participate and share the advancement that are being implemented in the field of e-governance. I would like to thank Intel for their support to achieve this broad vision of #DigitalIndia.

For more information about Intel and its other awesome stuff, head over to or click here.


Installing Network Simulator 2 (NS2) on Ubuntu 14.04

1 Introduction

Network simulators are tools used to simulate discrete events in a network and which helps to predict the behaviours of a computer network. Generally the simulated networks have entities like links, switches, hubs, applications, etc. Once the simulation model is complete, it is executed to analyse the performance. Administrators can then customize the simulator to suit their needs. Network simulators typically come with support for the most popular protocols and networks in use today, such as WLAN,UDP,TCP,IP, WAN, etc.

Most simulators that are available today are based on a GUI application like the NCTUNS while some others incl. NS2 are CLI based. Simulating the network involves configuring the state elements like links, switches, hubs, terminals, etc. and also the events like packet drop rate, delivery status and so on. The most important output of the simulations are the trace files. Trace files log every packet, every event that occurred in the simulation and are used for analysis. Network simulators can also provide other tools to facilitate visual analysis of trends and potential trouble spots. Most of the simulation is performed in discrete time intervals where events that are in the queue are processed one after the other in an order.

Since simulation is a complex task, we cannot guarantee that all the simulators can provide exact or accurate results for all the different type of information. Examples of network simulators are: ns, NCTUNS, NetSim, etc.

ns2 is a name for series of discrete event network simulators like ns-1, ns-2 and ns-3. All of them are discrete-event network simulators, primarily used in research and teaching. ns2 is free software, publicly available under the GNU GPLv2 license for research, development, and use.

This post deals with the installation of “ns2” also called the “network simulator 2” in Ubuntu 14.04.

2 Download and Extract ns2

Download the all in one package for ns2 from here

The package downloaded will be named “ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz”. Copy it to the home folder. Then in a terminal use the following two commands to extract the contents of the package.:

cd ~/
tar -xvzf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz

All the files will be extracted into a folder called “ns-allinone-2.35”.

3 Building the dependencies

Ns2 requires a few packages to be pre installed. It also requires the GCC- version 4.3 to work correctly. So install all of them by using the following command:

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev

One of the dependencies mentioned is the compiler GCC-4.3, which is no longer available, and thus we have to install GCC-4.4 version. The version 4.4 is the oldest we can get. To do that, use the follwoing command:

sudo apt-get install gcc-4.4

The image below shows the output of executing both the above commands. If you have all the dependencies pre-installed, as I did, the output will look like the image below:

Once the installation is over , we have to make a change in the “ls.h” file. Use the following steps to make the changes:

Navigate to the folder “linkstate”, use the following command. Here it is assumed that the ns folder extracted is in the home folder of your system.

cd ~/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35/linkstate

Now open the file named “ls.h” and scroll to the 137th line. In that change the word “error” to “this->error”. The image below shows the line 137 (highlighted in the image below) after making the changes to the ls.h file.To open the file use the following command:

gedit ls.h

Save that file and close it.

Now there is one more step that has to be done. We have to tell the ns which version of GCC will be used. To do so, go to your ns folder and type the following command:

Sudo gedit ns-allinone-2.34/otcl-1.13/

In the file, change Change CC= @CC@ to CC=gcc-4.4, as shown in the image below.


For installation, usage and  more, read my full story here.

How to install and use Waartaa IRC client as a local standalone application

1 Introduction

Waartaa is an open source communication and collaboration tool. It is an IRC client focussed to overcome the subtle disadvantages of existing clients. It is a web based IRC client as a service, facilitating some extremely useful services such as: centralised logging, unique Identity, global access, notifications, responsiveness to devices and displays across multiple clients.

This project is opensourced under the MIT Licence and built on the Meteor Platform and written using Meteor JS. The database at the backend is MongoDB and it has also incorporated node-irc, an IRC client library written in JavaScript for Node.

2 Installing dependencies

Waartaa requires that a few dependencies be satisfied before it can be installed. The main dependencies are Node JS and curl. It involves adding the Node JS repositories, updating the list and then installing curl. Use the following commands, one after the other.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install nodejssudo apt-get install curl

3 Downloading Waartaa

Waartaa can be downloaded either through git or by direct download. Either of the method gives the same packages.

3.1 Download through git

Use the following command to download and extract Waartaa through git.

git clone –recursive

3.2 Direct download

You can download the zipped folder here. Once downloaded, extract it into your home folder.

4 Setup and starting the application

Before Waartaa can be run, we have to set it up with the server details and then install it onto our system. Use the following commands:

cd waartaa./

Now wait for the setup to finish.

Once the setup is complete, we now have to configure the server hosts file. Open the file settings-local.js file by using the following commands:

cd appgedit server/settings-local.js

Once the file is opened, scroll to the very bottom and add your details such as the “SUPER_USER”, “SUPER_USER_EMAIL”, “SUPER_USER_PASSWORD” and “SECRET_KEY”. An example is given in the image below. Do remember to change it to your preferred credentials.

This completes the setup. We can now run Waartaa. The first time you run it, it will download the meteor platform tools and the dependencies it needs to run the application like the MongoDB packages. But the 2nd time onwards, it runs immediately. To run the application use the following command:


Make sure that while running the meteor command, you are always present in the app folder of Waartaa, which is the meteor’s project folder. Once the command successfully launches the application, your terminal will look similar to the image below:

If upon running the command “meteor” you get an error saying: ” project uses Meteor, which is not installed and could not be downloaded. Please check to make sure that you are online.”, then all you have to do is run the “meteor” command again and it will download the required version and start the application.

For using the GUI  and oter features, read my full article here.