Numix Artwork Themes for Linux and Android

Numix (Not Just Yet Another Theme Suit) is  a theme project that has a collection of beautiful themes and artwork for Linux and Android OS. It looked really beautiful and so I decided to try it out on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS . Numix has a variety of GTK themes, icon themes, fabulous wallpapers and additional artwork. Some of them are free while the others can be purchased. In the end, it all comes down to making your desktop look illustrious and prominent.  I have tried  various themes and wallpaper combination.

Here is a picture of my desktop screen before Numix.

Before Numix

Its the same stock Theme which is pretty alright, and  below is the screen shots of desktop and file explorer with Numix circle theme and Name of the Doctor wallpaper.

after Numix


numix stuff2

numix stuff


This kind of reminds you of Android Lollipop doesn’t it? Well that is how it feels to me. Having a change once in a while has a refreshing effect on the system user.

There are two other themes on Numix the touch theme and the shine theme but unfortunately they aren’t supported on 14.04.  If you have gotten it to work then share the method in the comments below!