Just Look Up

Sometimes, unexpected incidents leave a lasting impression. They tend to possess power to fill  a person with optimism and hope for a much better future. An incident occurred in my life that changed  the way I look at things and since then the journey has been extraordinary.   #LookUp

It was the beginning of my final year in engineering and that is the time when most colleges hold placement drives where companies and organisations come and recruit students. It is usually a big deal for most of the students. One of the first companies to come was a product based IT company, which meant out of hundreds of students appearing, only a handful would get selected. I wanted to get selected. The company and their product seemed extremely exciting and it just resonated with me. But like me, were at least a few dozens. I was kind of unsure as to what would happen and that if I was deserving of that job. Many things came to my mind, but I knew that I had to put in a lot of effort to prepare and crack the multiple rounds of tests and interviews. And so I started preparing.

The day of recruitment, a seminar was conducted by the representatives from the company, who discussed about the verticals they were into and I knew that that was the kind of environment I would like to work in. I cleared the first round of test and the second round of group discussions and then came the scary interviews. I remember having a few technical books with me outside the interview rooms where a few of us were reading all that we could. The initial round of people who had gone for the interview came out and told us how difficult it was. Only one out of every six to eight students were selected for further technical rounds. That was when my morale began to shrink, most of the people who were expected to clear were getting rejected. I got tensed and didn’t know what to do. I  felt uneasy as I knew that my turn was coming up soon. The thought of rejection and the loss of an opportunity stung my mind and it didn’t feel good. As time passed, more and more rejections were made. I knew it was getting very nervous and so I decided to randomly pickup some topic and read about it just to distract my mind. And I did so.  I read about sorting algorithms, I read about the various techniques involved in searching for things and concepts of databases and within no time my name was called.

I went in and the interview began. To my surprise, the questions that I was asked were on one of the topics I had just read. I was filled with enthusiasm and applied the knowledge I had to answer it in the best possible way I could. I did very well in that round and I got selected. This “unexpected incident”  as people would call it “a coincidence” filled me with such enormous amount of enthusiasm, that I did amazing in the further rounds of interview and was one among seven people to get recruited by the company.

That incident in the most tense moment of my life changed my thinking. From that moment onward, I started looking up to achieving greater things and believing that I could do it. It has been months since that incident happened, but  the optimism that was lit within me on that day, still continues to burn with glory.  So Its my message to anyone feeling not worthy , always look up to the best outcome that can occur, because there is an unexpected incident that is bound to make it happen.

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