Microsoft Infinity Room

For people like me who are enthralled by technology and the data that makes it work more efficiently this is something amazing to watch. Big data around the world is unimaginably large and might not be able for us to even visualize it in our minds. But  it is because of them that we are able to do more as time goes and as the technology advances.

San Francisco played host to a special mirrored room last month for an impressive illustration of big data. Software giant Microsoft was in town for its SQL Server 2014 launch party, and the carefully choreographed room was the centerpiece of the company’s push towards data analysis. The Infinity Room mixes LED animations, pixel spheres, and a narrative around how a quarter coin contributes to the US economy.

Members of the public were invited to experience the unique room during the three day event, and Microsoft has now created an online 360-degree virtual tour version. It’s an elegant approach to a topic that’s not always easy to grasp, and it demonstrates how data analysis of a simple coin is essential for economies around the world.

This video embarks on the journey of the american quarter . The time from which it was started and how the tremendous amount if quarters that were made from nickel and copper and how the immense data about the quarters that was produced lead to a profit for the American government and how the value of it has changed over the century. A stunning visualisation. I wish I can be there One day!! Its well put by Microsoft: “See the ordinary, Become Extraordinary”

Here is the video, its breathtaking:

Source : Microsoft
ource: The Verge