Why you should try guest blogging and guest posting

As a blogger, one of the main aims would be to become better at it and grow each day. Growth  and success of bloggers depends on their own beliefs and objectives. Growth can be increased viewership or followers or it can be increased revenue from the blog or a recognition for a unique form of writing. Irrespective of  the variations in the meaning of growth, there are certain ways in which it can be achieved. And that is through  Guest Posting and Guest  Blogging. This article is not about how to guest post or guest blog. It is only to convey the benefits of making use of  opportunities to progress as a blogger.

Guest blogging is where you as a blogger, write  a blog post for other renowned blogs.  This is an advantage for any blogger whether an amateur or someone blogging since years. Guest blogging provides a window  for a new set of readers to have a glance at your work. It allows you to spread your writing, possibly to a new group of people to whom you couldn’t reach. so if you are an amateur blogger, guest post where ever possibilities, not only does it give experience in writing and  tips to edit posts but also get a wider recognition.If you are an experienced blogger then with many topics you can guest blog and get paid for it.

Guest posting is restricted to people with a good blog which is regularly updated. It also needs to have a good number of viewership. With a blog like that, you can accept posts from other bloggers and post it on your blog. This too has many advantages. Your viewership increases wen the person who guest posts shares this news on his social media. Though there are blogs who pay for guest posting, you can also get paid. So, both way works. But for you to be paid by someone to publish their article on your blog,  your blog must be very well known.

So, why not give this a try? It is more like  a network of bloggers looking out for each others, growing together and sharing the experiences.  At the least, what you would get would be to get to know a new fellow blogger.

I would like to share a few of my personal experiences  for this topic. I intialy started this blog and only after a year of regular blogging i started to guest blog for international tech blogs and websites. I wrote technical articles to websites like TheNewStack. I wrote Linux tutorials to website like Howtoforge. I got a lot of experience  from writing those posts. It showed me how i can become better at it.  After two years of blogging, I guest posted articles on my blog. It was mainly about internet security and e-commerce.  Though t might seem a little hard to find blogs related to your niche, keep looking and the ones that is suited for you will emerge one at a time.

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