We are Together!

Time flies when you spend time with the people you love. The happiness involved transforms a regular day into a magnificent one. Its the warmth, the feeling of being safe and content that comes with being and involving in something that you all love tot do. The most memorable day for me  is a special day  in college. #Together

It was my final semester in college. All of us would soon graduate, and move on in our separate lives. We would soon be engulfed by the real world outside and would have responsibilities on our shoulders. I am sure most of the students in this phase of their life think about it. I did too and I was hoping that there would be enough memories captured in my mind from these amazing years.

I love my friends a lot. They have supported me, helped me, and we have had the best of our times in college. All of use had our fair share of happiness and sorrows and a lot of new discoveries. we were meant to be #Together. I remember that particular day where all of us spent the best time ever. Well, at least for me. It was 25th of February. My birthday. I was joyous and excited, I had turned 21. I was oblivious to what was coming.

Some of us, were working on our project, when one of my friends came to me and said, “let’s go grab a bite”. This was something that we did almost everyday so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. But when we wen’t to eat, it was different. All of my friends were there, waiting for me. I was thrilled. I had’t expected that and I was delighted. So, we celebrated. I  cut the cake, they spread it all over my face (Expected :P)  . They have given me some of the best gifts I’ve received in my whole life.

The reason this day is memorable to me is because of one particular gift that my best friend gave me. Having it in my hand, i felt the amount of effort and time that had gone into getting it done. It was beautiful and perfect. She always came up with unique ideas and all of those ideas would be extremely good. It was an amazing scrap book with messages from all my friends right from the first year and also  from lecturers of my department. It was alluring. She had picked the people who would write in that book a month before my birthday, and taken it to every single one of them and made them share their best moments with me. I couldn’t stop smiling reading each of the message. Some were encrypted, some shared the best memories we had, some talked about our friendship and how we stuck with it.

It was beautiful. All of my friends who had come, read the book together. We were laughing and picking at each other, and talking about the best times we had. The book had images, hidden messages, and messages from the most important people in my life. My wish had come true. I now possessed the memories from best of times and the best of times in a beautiful book, that I can keep for the decades to come and refresh my memories on these good old days. I smile each time I read the book.

It was this gesture that filled me with optimism and a feeling of warmth that the people I love have given me. I knew that I can now move on into the real world, knowing that I have them with me, supporting me for the days to come.

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P.S : Here is the cover page of my scrap Book.