Time To Transform with the T100! (Windows 8.1 edition)

We are the children of the Internet”, and we need to be on it almost all day long. But to use it we need technology, a device built with state of the art equipment that allows us to stay connected with the rest of the world.  We need it to watch, share, store, and recreate the beautiful things around us. We need it to experience visually the places, and the beauty we haven’t got the opportunity to see with our own eyes. But most importantly, we need it to store the best memories, which will one day reflect our past, show us our “good old days”.

My life involves a lot of travel. From home to college or from home to music school, it’s a long journey, I am most of the day, on the move and the Public transport is involved deeply with my life. It not only takes me to the places I want to go, but also gives me a lot of time to spend, and I think about spending that time effectively. So here I have got an opportunity, to share how I wish my daily journey could be better. It’s the Time to Transform. And here is how a “Transformed” will keep me hooked on to it, Make my journey count, make me spend my time in an enhanced way.

So as I travel, I get the chance to see vivid pictures of people around me, whether it’s a man in deep thoughts or two people conversing, I also get to see people getting about their work, all trying to fit in well, in the big city. I like to interpret what they think and write about it. The thoughts that come to me at that instant are often forgotten. But with the T100, I can write about it the moment I experience something, describing my views and thoughts as it flows, capture everything without missing details. The T100’s light weight will be just perfect to hold and write about the awesome day that I experience. I also go on weekend treks to nearby hills and sunset points. There too I like to sit amidst the nature and describe its beauty. So here again ,the light weight T100 is just what is needed to carry it there, and just clip on the keyboard when I feel I have to write and drift away. And I can also take pictures of myself with the T100’s camera. But i feel the the best part about it, is the battery. Out in the treks, I don’t often find charging points, hence I restrict the use of my smart phone as the battery gets over fast. But the T100’s long lasting battery makes it the best thing I can have with me all day long, using it, to do the things I love. It is all that I want, packed and presented to make my life easier.

There are times when I get to see the same things over and over again. At that point I don’t feel like writing, that’s when music and games come into picture. And again, all I need is the same device. I being a technology enthusiast, love to know the specifications of a device. And this device runs the touch version of the operating system I have used since childhood, “The Windows 8.1”. And is also a gaming power house with processor capable of clocking at 2.2 GHz. I couldn’t ask for more. Just take it out and play hard. Or listen to music, and share it with someone who loves it too. I mean, it’s no more days of slow transfer to flash drives, the USB 3.0 does the fast transfers and it’s on the T100.

I am not new to ASUS. I have been using the N55 SL notebook for studies and project and to write. But now it is time to move forward, time to transform. So, to conclude, a user can see the T100 as a tablet or as a laptop, but what it actually is, is an ASUS’ flagship model, built  to give us the best of both worlds.

P.S: if you want to get transformed, or have a story similar to mine, check out the T100  HERE.

Microsoft Infinity Room

For people like me who are enthralled by technology and the data that makes it work more efficiently this is something amazing to watch. Big data around the world is unimaginably large and might not be able for us to even visualize it in our minds. But  it is because of them that we are able to do more as time goes and as the technology advances.

San Francisco played host to a special mirrored room last month for an impressive illustration of big data. Software giant Microsoft was in town for its SQL Server 2014 launch party, and the carefully choreographed room was the centerpiece of the company’s push towards data analysis. The Infinity Room mixes LED animations, pixel spheres, and a narrative around how a quarter coin contributes to the US economy.

Members of the public were invited to experience the unique room during the three day event, and Microsoft has now created an online 360-degree virtual tour version. It’s an elegant approach to a topic that’s not always easy to grasp, and it demonstrates how data analysis of a simple coin is essential for economies around the world.

This video embarks on the journey of the american quarter . The time from which it was started and how the tremendous amount if quarters that were made from nickel and copper and how the immense data about the quarters that was produced lead to a profit for the American government and how the value of it has changed over the century. A stunning visualisation. I wish I can be there One day!! Its well put by Microsoft: “See the ordinary, Become Extraordinary”

Here is the video, its breathtaking:

Source : Microsoft
ource: The Verge

Give people what they want : Windows meets Android

The two most used operating system in the world are the windows and the android. And how would it be if there is a release to have them both together on a PC simultaneously  and one could use them at the same time without switching??
This year at CES , many people got just the thing they were looking for. The company BlueStacks in collaboration with AMD have created the android for windows 8. It runs on top of windows and they have taken care of the very last details while creating it.

I have tried emulators, tried running android on VMs but it was still painfully slow. But with this release its become awesome. Imagine the apps that are only on android can be played in full resolution. You don’t need your phone/tab while you are home and because the apps will be synced straight into the android running on your PC. And for the best part it even allows you to sync multiple android devices.

So this has the potential to bridge the gap between multiple operating systems and multiple devices. This does not involve Dual booting, as it becomes very messy and is very resource intensive. The bluestack-AMD approach  is a virtual environment created to run android natively. This is as of now optimized under AMD and thus makes use of the AMD’s  APUs, beginning with the 4th generation AMD APU codenamed “Kaveri” .


For the user, the workflow advantages are enormous. BlueStacks provides a full Android User Interface (UI). The customization, settings and personalization capabilities you expect from your Android phone or tablet are right there in the virtual Android environment.

And that Android UI? It is a fully functional window on your Windows desktop. So, you can have Photoshop open on one side of your desktop and your favorite Android app on the other.  About to unlock a Booster? Blow your Android window up to full screen and fill your desktop. BlueStacks takes full advantage of the AMD platform.

check out the live demo:

For those of you having Intel, I think it should be a short wait before something alike comes for Intel as well, because BlueStacks has made it clear why this is very necessary.

You can read the full press release here.


Rescuing windows when boot loader is deleted.

I had installed ubuntu 13.04 and wanted to install 12.04LTS . I knew that directly deleting the Ubuntu partition will delete the linux GRUB and also due to the absence of the windows bootloader it will make the system unable to boot any OS. I had heard about the easy BCD software to create a WIndows entry and MBR. But that procedure went wrong and i deleted the partition without knowing the mistake. The laptop wasn’t booting any OS.

the GNU grub is a pacakage that is installed when installing a linux operating system parallel to a windows OS. This package gives you the choice to boot one of the multiple OS on your system.The grub is installed over the default  windows bootloader(that helps booting windows) and hence if the linux OS is deleted so is the grub and the system doesn’t knows where to boot from.The only solution is to add the windows bootloader again into the system.

This led me to do lot of research as to how to add the bootloader. I didn’t have my operating system installation disc either. But my research helped me  repair my system back to normal state booting on windows.I learnt a lot of Do’s and don’ts while installing multiple OS.

I had a windows 7 Ultimate installation disc. But mine was windows 7 home premium.It is not a problem if u have a different version CD of your OS. Boot your laptop with that CD and click on repair computer.It detects the fault and automatically installs the windows bootloader. You have to restart and the windows is back to normal.

Another way is, if you have a live USB with ubuntu in it,then boot the laptop through the live USB and install ubuntu on your system.this reinstalls the linux GRUB and you will be able to boot windows or ubuntu.
Once this is done boot Windows and create a recovery disc so that you can boot using those discs  if the bootloader is deleted.

Remember not to use system recovery present in your laptop as it will reinstall the entire OS and may sometimes delete the data also.It is best advisable to use the method mentioned above and create recovery discs.
If you haven’t already deleted ubuntu and if you want to then use Easy bcd to add windows entry and don’t delete the partition unless the changes you have made using Easy bcd is found working.