Source Dexter is becoming better and I need your help!

Dear reader,

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Over the years, this blog has tried to become a destination for useful resources in the technological space.I have put my heart and soul into some of the things I have shared here and I have always wanted to make this big.

Among the tens of thousands of readers that this blog has witnessed, I know for a fact that many have found the information present here to be very useful. It makes me feel good that I had a part to play in helping a few people in their respective journeys. I do not exactly know how many are constantly following this blog, but if you are one among them, I thank you for your support. I wouldn’t have a good blog without you.

To share with you a brief history of this blog, I would have to go back a couple of years when I had felt that I could share the things that I come across with other people with a hope to help them in some way. As time went by, the readership grew and so did the type of blog posts. I primarily blogged about a few niche technologies like python, Raspberry Pi, and Ubuntu. This blog has helped me in various ways which I hadn’t realized before. One example for this is the way in which I was able to leverage these content to get freelance writing projects. However, the times when I was not fascinated by a few technologies or when I got caught up with work, I wouldn’t blog and months of dry spells would follow. I sometimes felt that the drive to keep this alive was missing.

Writing and science have been two of my passions but this blog focused more on technology which as you know is a by-product of science. I want to change this now and start giving more importance to science as well. You might have subscribed to this blog for the type of technical content I have been writing so far and so it is important that you know what is coming up next from my side. I have decided to publish science-based articles that dwell deep into the intertwining of science with technology in a bid to simplify some of the complex concepts or bring out some of the research work that can benefit common people like you and me.

To begin with,  I will publish articles only when I am satisfied with it and not on a regular basis just to maintain a cyclical publishing habit. As time goes, I might shift to a fixed pattern. I would, however, need your support in terms of sharing the content and helping more people understand and gain more knowledge. I don’t want to consider this as a new year’s resolution but as a new attempt in pursuing my passion and giving this blog a part of my identity.

Happy holidays!! I hope to see you soon.


P.S: please do share your opinions and suggestions through the comments. It helps me as a blogger to understand what you feel and also improve myself. So, go ahead, let me know 🙂

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