Blog series Idea : Image processing in python

I am planning a series on image processing with python. The image processing would be helpful in machine learning tasks such as computer vision. It can also be used as a pre-processing step in applications like Optical CharacterRecognitions.

Following are the ideas I have. Please share the ones  you think are important or useful in the comments below.

  1. Image processing using Scikit-Image : This library has a lot of rich algorithms that help to process images. This involves tutorials on  blurring, smoothening, de-noising, enhancing , histogram and perspective corrections and many more.
  2. Image processing using Open CV :  This would involve things like background and foreground separation, Identify faces in an image, etc.
  3. Using numpy with a java Image processing library called ( Lucene Image retrieval ) for image features manipulation and representation. Various algorithms that work on global as well as local levels of an image can be applied to extract the image features.
  4. using PIL for pixel extraction :  PIL or pillow is used for performing various operations on images.  RGB values extraction and other features like editing , resizing can be performed using PIL.
  5. ImageMagick : A linux tool, used to  convert images from one format to another. Also to generate logos, or resize/ scale or any other image manipulation APIs are provided by Imagemagick.


Apart from these , If you are interested in learning any other library or certain specific topics, comment and let us know and we will include it in our plan to publish articles related to that.


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