No need of Invites for One Plus One Anymore

I am sure you would have heard about the Invitation Strategy used by One Plus, to sell it phone One . But, here is what I think is its true meaning.

The success of exclusive sales on an e-commerce platforms is well known. Flipkart with the Moto and Xiaomi  smartphones ( well, at least till recently) and the Amazon with the One plus has shown us the true sense of success in sales. Not only did it allow a new kind of market to be born but paved a path for the manufacturers to reduce cost and thus benefiting the consumer. I consider this to be a brilliant strategy. It is a simple idea. Use an already existing user base to sell items ( smartphones in this case), that the users would require and at a price that they can afford. To make it more interesting, sell it exclusively on one particular platform and this would  create an illusion to most of the buyers. The buyer would feel that they were possessing a product that is unique. But sometimes, even this level of satisfaction among the buyers isn’t enough. Specially when there is a chance that people might think that such products sold are no longer worth its value. And thus born is another brilliant idea.

The concept of purchase only by an invitation holder isn’t new. It is done when the supply is very limited when compared to the demand. But in the case of our One Plus One, the invitation strategy is just a way to create an artificial sense of supply shortage and an increasing demand. This way they could not only restrict their sales as they wanted to, but also bring about a huge turnout. The buyers would then think that they have got an opportunity to purchase something that is prime and feel more satisfied than ever. while in the actual sense, all that is being done is things being played around.  I totally agree that the One Plus One is a phenomenal phone, but my perspective here is the way this phone is sold and not about the phone itself.  I don’t think there is any other way this kind of sales could make sense.  But if there were, I would be more than happy to know!

Coming to the present, it is the finale. One Plus has pulled out its final act, the prestige. It has declared that no more invitations are required and that all can buy the phone directly.  Now, all the people who felt left out due to not having the invites or  thought of the invite process as an obstacle they didn’t want to endure , can blindly buy this phone without a second thought.  One Plus have opened the floodgates and those deprived will finally get their share. From a business point of view, I consider this to be a remarkable strategy.  It has the beauty of  using the Human Psychology to one’s advantage.

But now that this is done, I want to wait and see. I wonder what they have next in mind, for the buyer’s satisfaction with this kind of strategy has died down a little.

Image source : Ndtv Gdgets


2 thoughts on “No need of Invites for One Plus One Anymore

    1. But I do know the phone and it is good. But what I don’t know is the motives behind them selling the phone in the way they do.
      And Samsung is trust worthy I agree but I won’t get that many features from Samsung for the same price. Don’t you think ?

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