Happiness lies among the simple little things!


A smile,  a giggle , a roaring laughter. The warmth, the comfort, the sense of togetherness. These are the perspectives of happiness. To me, happiness isn’t the joy that comes by merely  possessing  materialistic things. That kind of joy is temporary and often delusional. True happiness lies in the moments spent with the people you love and the memories that you create and cherish from time to time.  Its the process that gives a person happiness and not the end result of doing something.  Every moment of your life well lived adds on to the happiness in your life. we can consider happiness to be a treasure trove,  filling up with the feelings, memories, experiences, that we have on a daily basis and before we know it, this treasure trove  transforms into a driving force that pushes us to do better in our lives and to pursue our passion and live our dreams.

The beauty of happiness is that, it is something that fuels people’s lives, so one cannot reach happiness and declare that is the end. It’s a continuous process and it stays with us, helping us until we die. The happiness that I have felt  in my journey of life are plenty. I have realized that my most happiest times are those that arise from the simple little things that people do, or the things that I do along with others. I vividly remember some of the best moments of happiness I have been a part of, and here I am, given a chance to share them. So, here is my meaning of true happiness, straight from my treasure trove:

  • happiness is eating a large bowl of chocolate ice cream.
  • happiness is returning home from a long trip.
  • happiness is finding a person with the same kind of problem that I am facing and knowing that I am not alone in this.
  • happiness is finding the missing bus ticket while on the bus.
  • happiness is choosing a new dish in a restaurant and that turning out to be delicious.
  • happiness is making a new friend.
  • happiness is sharing secrets with my best friend.
  • happiness is eating together with old friends, reliving the old memories.
  • happiness is succeeding in convincing a teacher, not to take a class.
  • happiness is convincing a friend, to jump into the pool.
  • happiness is planning and trying hard not to let my friend know  that we are having a surprise party for him.
  • happiness is the relief that I get upon knowing that me and all my friends have passed the exam.
  • happiness is going on a long ride outside the city.
  • happiness is learning something new, may it be driving or the art of talking to a stranger, without looking creepy 😛
  • happiness is waking up and realizing that  I am late and then realizing that its a holiday.
  • happiness is spending time with kids. Its pure bliss to hear them out, play with them and to capture that sense of true joy that they emanate and spread.
  • happiness is completing a task that initially seemed impossible.
  • happiness is feeling the true love shown to me by my friends and family.
  • happiness is making fun of each other.
  • happiness is scoring a goal in football or watching a match of your favorite team.
  • happiness is my family telling me, failure is not an end but a beginning.
  • happiness is the fruits of working hard.
  • happiness is helping others in which ever way I can.
  • happiness is playing my favorite music on my guitar.
  • happiness is knowing that there are people out there, reading things that I write, and some among them who like it and relate to it.
  • happiness is going to meet grandparents and enjoying the time spent with them and the food they make.
  • happiness is looking at things that I have created, though not significant, I know that it has been made by me.
  • happiness is coffee. to me its more than just happiness. Its nirvana 😛

I am sure that if I  don’t stop, then the list might form a book on its own. But these were  the sparks happiness that is going to remain with me for a long long time most of which will recur. Now that I have the best of them here as a blog post, I know for sure that even if my memory fades, these will help me refresh the best times I had.

I would like to thank Coca-Cola for giving me this awesome opportunity to share my moments of happiness. I must say, it was a true joy writing this post. Head over to http://CokeURL.com/96jnc, to find more happiness. #IAmHappy

Always remember, share your happiness, share your Coke 🙂 Here is an amazing  video, to get your happiness started

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