websites with lists of startups

I love the startup culture and the way starups work.  Being in Bangalore, I am surrounded by startups and they provide some very good opportunities to learn and grow as well making it  a community of entrepreneurs helping each other to succeed.

This posts provides links to some websites that give a list and description of startups from various cities across the world. These websites helps me to see all the latest and new ideas coming into the market and gain immense amount of information.

    1.   –  This website provides the latest products in the market most of which are the outcomes from startups . The update to this website is on a daily basis. If you have a product, you can submit to them to get features on their website.

2.  – this is a website focusing on trending technological topics and  the editors of Inc have come up with the most interesting and growing startups and companies across America and came up with the 2014  INC 500 list. which can be found here –

3.   –  These guys aim to meet VCs to startups and help startups to get funded. The various startups funded and also the most trending startups can be found on this website, where they list the most trending startups of the week and of a month.. The link to the startup list is :

4. –   This is a great website if you are looking for god information about the various rounds of funding to startups and also the events hosted by startups from various fields.

5.  –  This website is  specific to the Bangalore region and  provides a very good list of startups in and around Bangalore.

Either for keeping  updated with some of the craziest ideas , or to search for startups to join that match your needs or to just get the news on startups across the world, These list helps a great deal in providing the right information.

(If you know any others please provide in the comments below. Thanks 🙂 )
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