HackerEarth : An opportunity to grow


Hi, I am Akshay Pai, HackerEarth Evangelist for BNM institute of technology. Many of you might know about HackerEarth. It is an elegant platform for learning, developing and getting a good job or an internship and it’s all to do with code.  If you are already good at coding then it’s a jump start for you. If not, this is the best place to begin.

HackerEarth is a leading Bangalore based startup, bringing opportunity to students across India to find out their hidden talents and provide fair and remarkable opportunities to all. Here are a few things, as to what HackerEarth has to offer. Firstly, being in the field of computer science requires one to be fluent in coding. Not all students who have true passion for coding get an opportunity to explore their choices and discover new things. It’s just to stick with the syllabus. Well, that can be broken. Practice problems are provided to every user to get better at coding. Each user has a choice to select between various programming languages, be it c , c# , python , java-script or eight other languages. This not only gives you what you prefer, but also expands your options. Hundreds of practice problems are there for you with all kinds of difficulty levels to solve and to see to where you stand. I have done lots of practice problems myself and it has helped me tremendously in improving my skills at a very fast rate.

But this framework alone will not work. Something is expected of you too, that  is, to be consistent and dedicated. Just start with something simple, and never stop. This whole opportunity is to make sure there is growth.

HackerEarth has conducted programming challenges is many top colleges in India, like the IITs. It conducts hiring challenges, where a lot of companies hire candidates based on their performance in the challenges that are conducted.
HackerEarth also provides a developers profile, where it pulls out your information from the problems solved in HackerEarth or your activities on other open platforms like code chef. Having a developer profile is extremely beneficial as it shows, not only how good you are but also how much you try and that’s what a company looks for. It forms the best kind of online resume you can have reflecting your true potential.

So  to sum it up, here are the following services that will be provided to you:

  1. Practice Problems – to develop your skills
  2. Challenges within the college – to boost the thinking  and application skills in a time bound environment.
  3. Hiring challenges – to get hired or get internships in various companies.
  4. Developer’s profile  – To form an online resume for companies to view.
  5. HackerEarth Academy – tutorials for many programming concepts, forums and interview questions.

So do register yourself using this link – http://hck.re/0CGPbv



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